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Illustration by Emily M. Eng

Lab Research

Our laboratory explores the crossroads of chemistry, developmental biology, and cancer biology. Our current studies include chemical and genetic regulators of the Hedgehog signaling pathway, new technologies for studying organismal biology, and zebrafish models of vertebrate development and regeneration. Learn more »

Lab Team

Our group includes graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduates, and research assistants with diverse scientific backgrounds. Working together, we strive to solve significant biomedical challenges by integrating synthetic chemistry, molecular biology, cell signaling, and animal models. Learn more »

Lab Stories

Our scientific publications span new technologies and biological discoveries. For example, we have identified small-molecule inhibitors of cytoplasmic dyneins, elucidated non-canonical mechanisms of Gli transcription factor activation, and developed caged oligonucleotides that enable spatiotemporal control of gene function. Learn more »

Members & Alumni

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